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Brook is an accomplished Detroit-based artist and designer primarily specializing in front-end transportation and product concept design.
Professional Experience:
Since graduating from Coventry University, UK in 2000, Brook has undertaken a number of projects for Fortune 500 companies. His first jobs as a freelance footwear designer were with Adidas, Fila Sport, and Puma Ag. After moving to San Francisco in 2004, he continued his freelance work as a product designer for Astro Studios, frog, and Ammunition Group on projects for HP, Nike, Motorola, Microsoft, Hot Wheels, and Sony Entertainment. In 2012, following his MFA Transport Design degree, he started his design consultancy, Middlecott Design, based in Downtown Detroit. Since its launch, Middlecott has worked with companies such as Daimler/ Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, GM, Delta Airlines, Hasbro/ Transformers, Axalta Coatings, and Federal-Mogul.
As the founder of a national live design sketching competition in 2012, the Middlecott Sketchbattle Championships based in Detroit has since expanded to LA, Las Vegas, NYC, Chicago, Monterey, CA, and San Francisco.
Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:
2019: 3 month exhibit, Detroit Athletic Club (DAC)
2018: Automobile Magazine feature, Sketchbattle
2018: Core77 interview, Sketchbattle
2017: Automobile Magazine feature, Sketchbattle
2017: Featured, EyeOn Design, NAIAS
2016: Delta Sky Magazine, cover and double-page spread
2015- present, EyesOn Design, Docent
2015: Mobsteel, Featured appearance, NBC’s “Detroit Steel"
2015: Jalopnik, featured article Sketchbattle
2014: History Channel, featured in “Mobsteel”
2012: GM/ CDN, Competition winner
2012: Carr Magazine, two double-page spreads
2011: Learning Curves, KEEOS Design Book, featured designs/ sketches.
2010: 3D Automotive Modeling, published 2x designs for two chapters
Core77 - “Ton-o-sketches”, feature Brook
2007: Car Design News, featured design for Motorstorm
2006: Time Magazine, Herman Miller concepts, Astro Studios
2005: Wired Magazine, NY Taxi Trust, designs, Pentagram Design
2005: Creative Review, NY Taxi Trust, designs, Pentagram Design
2004: Michelin Design Challenge, Detroit Auto Show
2003: MG World Magazine, Re-design MGB winner
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