The finished digital art. Notice the Detroit/Michigan-centric details, like the Penobscott Building and its radio waves radiating out. That building hosted the Electrifying Mojo radio show, which is generally credited with discovering Detroit techno, Prince, Parliament, and many, many more. The geese, a Detroit staple, fly over the Ambassador Bridge. The skyline reflects on the Detroit River as seen from Canada. A few Man in the Citys are on the tops of prominent buildings.  

Artwork on show at Newlab, @Michigan Central.

Above are two images of artwork on show at the Valade Gallery at the College for Creative Studies, Taubman Center.

The above two images show the artwork on display at the "Auto Show," an art show focused on automotive art in a Detroit warehouse.

Both MotorCity Vice concept art pieces on permanent display at Mobsteel, Detroit,

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