An 18-wheeler jambox sketched with a Sharpie and white gouache on brown painter's paper. 

Imagine howitzers designed to kill being replaced by industrial grade sound systems that, instead of shooting explosives,  plays melodic tunes and beats that can pacify soldiers so that both sides can come out of their trenches, come together, and have a nice dance in moments of peace. This would be similar to what happened during Christmas Eve in World War 1 when the Germans and British troops walked out of their trenches, came together in no man's land, and shared cigarettes and schnapps with hugs and respect. 

A  video shows an excerpt from my sketchbook.

The above video shows a part of the art process from analog spen sketch in the sketchbook to digital rendering.

Timelapse video of the entire sketch process.

This is a timelapse video of the digital rendering sketch process using iPad and Procreate, using a black-and-white drawing from my sketchbook.

Sketchbook page examples

Party idea for Middlecott Sketchbattle. DJ works from the bed of the electric pickup. The EV powers the lasers and Soundsystem independently from the power grid. Truly a  Motorcity Techno setup.

30-minute drawing I did at MOCAD Monster Drawing Rally 2023

Instead of cannons and machine guns, let's use industrial-grade party systems!

Digital sketch process on iPad using Procreate.

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